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Anarchast Ep. 16 with Michael Suede of


In this weeks episode we speak with Michael Suede of
Topics Include: 
  • How Ron Paul created yet another anarchist
  • Private police are already the norm, not the exception in the US
  • Climate-Gate from the anarchists perspective
  • How the pharmaceutical industry suppresses competition through regulation
  • Suppression of competition through regulations
  • The electric universe theory and why it is the most free-thinking friendly version of cosmology
  • Cosmology is just as corrupted as the other sciences co-opted by statist academics
  • How our society is still barely out of the caves
  • The Cult of the State
  • How Anarchy causes you to distrust everything your told by the State

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Anarchast Ep. 16 with Michael Suede of

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    Response: fabric garages
    Anarchast Ep. 16 with Michael Suede of - Anarchast - Anarcho-Capitalist, Libertarian discussions and interviews
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    Response: fabric garages
    Anarchast Ep. 16 with Michael Suede of - Anarchast - Anarcho-Capitalist, Libertarian discussions and interviews
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Reader Comments (1)

The entire Solar System is warming up as we apporach the Galactic Ecliptic. I mean by this, the surfaces of the planets throughout the SS are warming due to increased electrcial output of our Electric Sun, which in turn increases the electric interaction between our Sun and the planets and Moons of this system.

Crappy explosion based tehcnologies are truly slave technology. The sooner we move over to implosion based technologies the sooner abundance and proseprity willl reach all of mankind, instead of the current pyrmaidal structure of energy production and control by TPTB.

The Electrcic Universe theorist blew it by using the nuclear theory of the atom as a foundation for their plasma defintions which left them wide opne for attack by wiley bill gaede. His criticism of the language used is valid. Unfortunatelyt bill is trying to kill the entire EUM instead of fixing the few little problems with the language.

Russellian Science actually explains how the EUM works, because it was authored many decades before the current model and is immune to attacks from people like bill gaede. I can eplain it all in great detail if you want to do an interview.

Robert Arnett Otey

Free Energy and Free Thinking (

March 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Arnett Otey

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