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Anarchast Ep. 51 with Stephan Kinsella

Jeff Berwick in Acapulco, Mexico, talks with Stefan Kinsella in Houston, Texas
Topics include:
  • Stephan explains how he became an anarchist and some of the books that pointed him in the right direction including
  • The Fountainhead 
  • Stephan is a practicing attorney that applies his legal knowledge with his libertarian philosophy
  • He believes a free law society will only come about if a majority of people agree in libertarian principles
  • Law is defined as a concrete body of rules that permits a group of people that want to be able to cooperate to be able to do so
  • Jeff asks if it is necessary for everyone to agree with libertarian philosophy in order to have a free society 
  • Stephan thinks that a majority of people already have libertarian principles but have not been educated correctly in constancy
  • He is more optimistic that most because he sees more people not accepting central planning than in the past
  • Jeff thinks that there could be a backlash against free market ideas during a financial collapse where the people believe capitalism is to blame
  • Stephan hopes that people will slowly find the state to be irrelevant and this will bring about a free society
  • Jeff thinks that there will be a financial collapse that will make this transition unpredictable
  • Stephan is an expert in libertarian Intellectual Property theory
  • He explains the principles of property law
  • What most people think is law today is not what law would be based on in a libertarian society
  • Stephan explains the problem with legal and economic positivism 
  • The proper libertarian view is to be opposed to making law through legislation
  • The problem with intellectual property is that you are able to use the force of the government against someone who has not aggressed against you
  • Stephan explains the problems with the utilitarian Intellectual property justification
  • The intellectual property system forces everyone to participate even if they don't agree with it
Stephan is doing astounding work in libertarian legal theory you can find more in formation on his sites



For more information on The Dollar Vigilante, go to  For more information on Jeff Berwick's anarchist enclave, Galt's Gulch Chile, go to  And, for more on the anarchist enclave in Acapulco go to  Come on down and be a guest on Anarchast and live relatively free amongst other anarchists.


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Anarchast Ep. 51 with Stephan Kinsella

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