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The Octopus Of Global Control with Charlie Robinson

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Anarchast Ep.415

Jeff Berwick interviews Charlie Robinson, author of ‘The Octopus Of Global Control’ Topics include: who is in control? tentacles everywhere, a world without leaders, inside the real estate bubble, IMF and World Bank economic hitmen, the central bank system is a rigged game, state suppression of economic education, banking is the silent killer, cryptocurrencies are a major power shift, the dangers of disarmament, nationalism, statism and modern slavery, media and propaganda, a multi-generation plan by inbred psychopaths, the 9/11 narrative, false flags in history and today, the net undermining propaganda, growing censorship of independent journalists, a great awakening.

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Anarchist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankinds two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff is the Chief Editor of The Dollar Vigilante, a newsletter focused on investments and expatriation information to survive the coming collapse of the US dollar based financial system.